NATURE: Why are so many people like trees? They’re such givers.

Photo by Rob Mulally on Unsplash

I find trees to be absolutely amazing. Just standing next to them or being around them, you feel as if your whole being lifts. You could be sad, depressed or angry, but if you take a walk in the park or sit in your garden near a tree, you suddenly feel better. (It could be all the fresh oxygen). They give us so much, shelter from the sun’s heat, cleaner air, food, hold the soil together, wood to build our homes, shelter for animals. They really are such amazing givers and they ask so little in return. They use sunlight to make their own food and they can get minerals and water from the soil or from us. But, they give so much more than they take.

So can a tree stop being a tree if it wanted to? Its inherent nature is to be a tree, a giver. So can people who are givers stop being givers? When their natural inclination is to give when asked. They feel a disconnect when they are being less than themselves when they stop giving. Just like a tree moves only towards the sunlight or grows in another direction if hindered in any way, likewise, givers ( need to be valued and appreciated) need to learn to navigate themselves wisely towards that which strengthens them.

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